Fast Track Payday Loans in Toronto
Perfect solution for your urgent cash needs!

No more worrying about cash at the last moment. No need to ask your family or friends for favor. We can help you get.

We work in affiliation with some of the fastest paying payday lenders in Toronto. As you submit your information here, we would match you with the lenders who can offer you competitive payday loan deals (lower interest rates and customized repayment options). You will experience a smooth loan processing with us and have higher chances of loan approval. Just provide correct information and wait for the lenders to contact you. Complete process is online, secure and requires minimum documentation.

Our cash loan matching service is designed to help you meet your small cash needs on time. Whether it is an unexpected medical bill that needs to be paid off or you need cash backing until your next payday, you can receive a lending decision in no time.

Qualification is Easy!
  • The higher your net monthly income is, the bigger cash loan amount you can get. Even if you work part time you can be approved a smaller loan amount by some lenders.
  • Less Documents Required – Typically a payday loan process is completely online and needs less hard copies of your documents. All the information is verified online.
  • The basic eligibility requirements for Toronto payday loans are; the applicant must be a Canadian citizen, minimum 18 years of age, working permanently with the current employer and has a valid bank account on his name.
Complete secure application panel

Your application is directly sent to the lenders providing payday loans in Toronto.
We do not save your information on our systems or any online servers.
We also do not share your details with any third person/firm for promoting their services.
You will only be contacted by payday lenders who are willing to offer
you financial services or any other related services.

Implications of non-payment

Whenever you miss or delay a loan repayment on due date, the lender will charge you a miss/late payment penalty. In case you continue to delay your loan payments, the lender might involve collection agencies in order to recover the loan amount. These agencies take all the necessary legal actions to collect cash from you and can also add a negative remark in your credit register in case you are unable to make repayments.

About us is a free loan matching service. We offer an online payday loan application panel which quickly connects you with network of licensed lenders in Canada. Each application submitted on this panel is instantly sent to some of these lenders through a secure channel. So you can be sure about the security and confidentiality of all the information you share through our website.

No one from out team ever makes a contact with any applicant for offering any service or products. We simply forward your details to the lenders for processing without saving any data on our systems. The only contact you receive is from the lenders to offer a loan quotation or related services.

Applying for a payday loan through our website gives you the benefit of reaching out to multiple lenders in one go. As a result, you can get quotations from many lenders (who approve your loan) and compare their offers. In case you do not receive any contact, it would certainly mean that your loan was not approved by any of the lenders we contacted.

If you wish to know more about our services please refer to our FAQs section or contact us.

How It Works
Application process is simple and quick, if approved, you can get the cash as early as the next business day.

You can apply for a loan anytime 24/7 from anywhere. No documentation is required in applying online and also no personal visits to lender. The lender verifies all the information online and the process is also very smooth. The lenders initially checks if you match with the following listed requirements before processing your request. But the final approval is based on an in-depth verification that checks your loan affordability.

-Your age ought to be 18 plus
-Permanent employment i.e. regular income source is a must
-Must have a legitimate bank a/c
-You must must be a citizen of Canada

Here is a swift guide to the complete lending process in 5 easy steps

Step 1 - Fill the loan application form available on this website. Make sure there are no errors.
Step 2 - If approved, you will receive a lending decision as early as possible via phone or email.
Step 3 - If you like the proposal, you would have to sign a loan agreement online.
Step 4 - Your loan amount will be transferred directly into your account after signing the agreement.
Step 5 - The loan repayments will be taken directly from your account on the due dates.

How much cash loan can I borrow?

You can apply for any amount between $100 and $1500. The lenders will approve an amount based on your loan affordability (your regular income and savings).

What are the eligibility criteria for these payday loans?

The basic eligibility requirements to apply for these loans are as listed below. But to get approved there might be more strict parameters.

  • Your age ought to be 18 plus
  • You must be working permanently or have a regular income source
  • Must have a legitimate bank a/c
  • You must be a citizen of Canada
I work part time, can I get a loan?

Yes, some lenders may be able to offer you cash advance if your job is permanent. The loan amount might be lower depending on how much you can afford to pay back in next 2-4weeks.

Procedure to repay the loan borrowed?

Typically, lenders request for a direct debit authorization to directly debit the loan amount (plus interest rate) from your bank account on the loan due date.

I have loan defaults in past, can I still get approved for payday loans?

Yes, possibly. If your present income allows you to pay a loan installment along with bearing all other living expenses, there is a possibility of you getting approved for these loans. But the loan amount might be lower and interest rate charges might be higher.

What happens if I miss the repayment on due date?

In such a case the lender would take all the legal actions as listed under the section of ‘implications of non-payment’ in your loan agreement. This may include a miss payment/late payment penalty or involving collection agencies or even adding a negative remark on your credit register.

When will my loan be due?

These payday loans are usually proposed for a period of 2-4 weeks. But if you need, the lender can customize your proposal to offer a longer or shorter loan tenure.

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